We are an Ecotourism Company that manages 3 biological stations: Wayqecha, Manubio and Los Amigos strategically located in one of the richest gradients in biodiversity between the regions of Cusco and Madre de Dios.

If your passion is nature, you will love our biological stations allowing access to a wide variety of Amazonian ecosystems between cloud forests, foothills, and lowland jungle.

Each station offers unique and different experiences. Our facilities are very comfortable and welcoming, and offer a wide variety of activities to explore different types of habitats and learn about research, conservation and sustainable development projects, while enjoying nature.


Amazon Journeys design private tours along the Manu Road, without question one of the most exciting birding destinations in the world for birders and naturalists. Our tours include protected habitats ranging from orchid-laden cloud forest at the upper elevations, to the rich middle elevations where Andean Cocks-of-the-rock perform their mating displays right along the road, down to the uppermost reaches of the navigable Madre de Dios river.

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