Bosque Guardian Lodge

Bosque Guardian Lodge is a unique stay experience within the Peruvian Amazon.

  • It belongs to an Association called Bosque Guardián, which is dedicated to the conservation and protection of the Amazon rainforest, the Escalera Mountain Range and research into sustainable means. Located 45 minutes from the city of Tarapoto in the San Martín region, we are surrounded by the waters of the Tiraco and Ponasillo rivers. Each space in the Lodge has been consciously built with bamboo and recycled wood, taking care of nature and the ecosystem.
  • The experiences we maintain are unique and complete. From our bungalows, to the ecological and sustainable activities that we offer to our visitors.
  • Our travelers will access hikes, rivers, waterfalls, experiences that involve flora and fauna characteristic of San Martín. They will interact with our meliponary, observe birds, learn about frogs and learn about the Jaguar Plan. They will plant trees joining our reforestation purpose, and they will be able to harvest the ingredients that they will later taste in a unique gastronomic experience within our Lodge. They will socialize with the community, they will be able to participate in a workshop on making ecological paper
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A lodge to experience sustainable and signature cuisine, wellness trips and ecotourism.

Join us on a variety of excursions

Nature Connection:
– In seek of the guardian trees.
– Explore the forest.
– Jungle Sunrise.
– Hidden Cave.
– El Progreso and/or Chullachaqui Cascades.
– Night Walk Tour

Ecotouristic Activities:
– Meliponario
– Cacao Route and Chocolate Workshop.
– Ecological Paper Workshop.

– Jaguar Hike.
– Salto de la Bruja Cascades.
– Hot Springs in San José and Carpishuyacu Cascades.

Birdwatching - Ecolodge - Flora and Fauna Observation - Sustainable Gastronomy

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