Eco Trekking:

Our specialty is trekking! We search for beautiful less visited areas to trek with a focus on sustainability and authenticity. We are dedicated to reducing our environmental and social footprint in the locations we explore, consistently demonstrating our deep respect for Mother Earth and the rich diversity of local cultures.


Day Hikes around Cusco and the Sacred Valley:

Lodging in charming local accommodations, we offer day hikes complete with nourishing picnic lunches, allowing our clients to immerse themselves in the vibrant living culture and explore a multitude of awe-inspiring Inca remains for an authentic and enriching experience.



We take pride in being the exclusive provider of a glamping destination at the entrance of the Inca Trail, offering our clients a unique opportunity to stay in close proximity to this historical marvel. It’s a place where you can truly relish your experience, with custom Tented Huts featuring premium beds, and bathrooms equipped with solar-powered hot showers. Our cozy living room provides the perfect setting for your guide to offer insightful briefings by the fireplace, going over the day’s trekking agenda, and sharing details about the rich array of flora and fauna you might encounter along the trail.

Additionally, we offer a welcoming dining room where you can savor a delightful dinner and buffet breakfast featuring fresh produce from our very own organic garden. As an added treat, you can unwind in our firewood sauna, ensuring relaxation before retiring for the night. We are committed to creating a comfortable and memorable experience for our cherished guests.

Inca Trail Base Camp:

For those who enjoy the charm of traditional camping, our Inca Trail base camp offers an affordable alternative. Comfortable, well-sized tents are thoughtfully placed within thatched-roof huts, creating cozy and sheltered sleeping quarters. Shared facilities include toilets with indoor plumbing and solar-heated showers, making this transitional campsite a perfect spot to rest before embarking on your Inca Trail adventure the next day.

The proximity to the trailhead means you can enjoy a peaceful night’s sleep, wake up to a refreshing warm shower without the hustle and bustle of morning rush, and bypass the extremely early extended travel times offered by other providers.

Traditional tours in the Cusco area:

For those of our clients who wish to explore Peru without taking on the physical demands of trekking, or for those who have companions seeking a different pace, we provide appealing alternatives with a selection of fixed or personalized itineraries to suit your preferences.

What sets Ecoinka's trekking service

Apart is our unwavering commitment to sustainability with a deep respect for the environment and local culture. Our carefully curated Glamping experience is nestled at the on the Urubamba River, at the base of the Inca Trail with stunning views of Veronica Sacred Mountain. Our sustainable accommodations are not just designed for comfort but are a harmonious way to commune with Mother Earth, ensuring an unforgettable journey of historical and cultural immersion with ecological consciousness in mind.

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