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Founded in Cusco as an adventure travel and trekking specialist in the Peruvian Andes, ENIGMA is recognized today among Peru’s most experienced and reputable travel service providers, from hardcore adventure to bespoke luxury, and is the preferred partner of some of the world’s leading travel professionals.

ENIGMA specializes in personally customizing and directly operating exceptional, authentic and inspirational Peru experiences for discerning travelers. These include classic highlights itineraries, challenging adventure trips, family programs, transformative experiences for the body and soul, private expeditions to rarely seen places and innovative journeys for travelers with specific interests.

ENIGMA’s professional staff and expert ambassadors draw upon our experiences as devoted travelers, our insights into Peru and our passion for its culture and people in order to craft meaningful journeys for each of our guests, so that they may be inspired and transformed while we flawlessly oversee the details.

Trekking & Expeditions:

ENIGMA operates every handcrafted journey in-house, ensuring each adventure is as unique as each of our guests and adapted to your interests as much as possible.

From the breathtaking heights of Machu Picchu and the Inca Trail to the archaeological wonders of Vilcabamba and Espíritu Pampa, choosing ENIGMA for your trip of a lifetime gives you decades of trekking experience, state-of-the-art equipment, ultimate safety and protection, bespoke touches and some of the industry’s most loyal and praised guides, not to mention sustainable access to some of the world’s most unexplored and protected routes.

ENIGMA runs all treks and expeditions in the Cusco region, with four different types of services available: Group service, Private services, Luxury services and Special – Interest Treks.

Tailored Journeys:

You might seek birds or ruins, contemporary culture or ancient history. You may be an adventurous spirit who wants to veer off the beaten path or a comfort-seeking soul with an eye for luxury; a family of several generations travelling together, a group of friends on an active trip, a gourmet sybarite on a weekend getaway or a solo traveller on a journey of inner discovery. You may be a fan of barefoot luxury or urban boutique hotels, eco retreats or private residences.

All ENIGMA journeys are executed in private, tailored around the interests and preferences of our clients, and curated with the direct involvement of our senior management and travel experts, who bring together their knowledge and contacts to make the most out of each hand-crafted itinerary.

Differentiated Service

ENIGMA stands out from other travel and tourism operators primarily for the following reasons:


Our journeys to Peru are built around the experiences we ourselves design with our trained staff and experts – they are unique to us and not “Google-able.”


At Enigma, we do not use any standard trip templates that are simply repurposed with each new request. We like to start from scratch and put ourselves in our guests’ shoes by learning as much as we can about them, prior to designing a journey. The result is an itinerary that is truly tailored to be the Peru experience you desire… for you.



We have a thirst for new experiences. We personally visit, research, ask, explore, check and test the latest hotels, restaurants, museums, shops and events, and we meet, interview and share with relevant people. We include them as part of a travel design only after having had first-hand experience.


Although Peru has an extraordinary tourism infrastructure, its incredible offerings are not always obvious. It is important to turn over a few rocks and to knock on many doors if you want to avoid the more mainstream and massive or be ahead of waitlists; even more so, if you are in search of some truly special experiences.

Our staff has deep knowledge, understanding, travel experience and passion for Peru — living, scouting and breathing Peru every day, in a way that online research and Google curiosity cannot remotely match.


Our guides have been carefully hand-picked, and are regularly trained, refreshed and updated with courses in the most relevant themes. They have been almost exclusively working with us for more than a decade: they share our same vision, have our ethos and priorities deeply rooted within them, as well as our standards of style and service.

Both in cities and within the communities throughout Peru, our friends, family and contacts grant us backdoor passes, behind-the-scene visits, generally accessing the inaccessible.


Managing last minute changes or sudden-risk situations requires an excellent team and a great deal of flexibility and tact, trying to accommodate the client’s needs whenever possible in the best way possible, always putting safety in the forefront.


We own and operate our own Adventure Division, with experience since 2002 in leading epic treks. This includes the famed Inca Trail along with various other, lesser-known routes. Enigma has operated treks for many of the world’s most recognized travel brands.


ENIGMA’s mandate is to benefit “with” our communities rather than benefiting “from” our communities. Our passion for travel and for sharing Peru’s wonders originates in total respect and admiration for this country and its people. Thus, we operate at all times in a manner sensitive to and supportive of Peru’s amazingly rich but extremely delicate natural, social and cultural environments

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