Explorandes is Peru's pioneer adventure travel company, offering immersive experiences for over 49 years.

Our local expertise, tailor-made itineraries, commitment to sustainability, and exceptional service make us the perfect partner for outbound tour operators seeking authentic and unforgettable journeys in Peru. We always try to include the following components in our itineraries:

  • Outdoor experiences that facilitate a profound connection with nature, offering a range of options from the easiest to the most challenging.
  • Engagement in cultural exchange with the communities we partner with, supporting sustainable tourism development.
  • Exploration of regional Peruvian cuisine, spanning from renowned world-class restaurants to hidden local treasures that epitomize our unique culinary heritage.
  • Access to local insiders and guides who contribute a distinctive element, ensuring highly trained and skilled professionals provide passengers with the ultimate experience.

Embedding sustainable principles from our inception.

  • Globally recognized as the ‘World’s Greenest Tour Operator’ by the World Travel Awards for ten consecutive years.
  • Currently, all the trips we operate are Carbon Neutral. We collaborate with one of our key partners, ‘Regenera,’ to mitigate the impact our passengers’ visits generate.
  • We strive to work extensively with local producers to promote local production and improve the economy through direct engagement.
  • We fully manage our waste treatment when embarking on any nature adventure. Ensuring that we leave no trace along the paths we traverse.
  • We were the world’s first tourism company to implement ISO14000. Always striving to accurately measure the impact of our operations to minimize and simultaneously offset it.
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