Intorno Campers & Experiences

We are a travel company in Peru that offers rental of campervans, campertrucks, pickups, SUVs

Also camping items for roadtrips and guided expeditions. We provide options for short and long routes so that you can get to know Peru at your own pace with recommendations, advice, accompaniment and monitoring to have a safe and incredible experience by land. Additionally, we prepare personalized travel experiences in the country and South America as a boutique travel agency.

Differentiated Service

1. Rental of motorhomes and camping equipment with advice and support: we have devised different models of motorhomes or camping cars to be able to travel independently. This rental service comes with recommendations, information, local contacts, accompaniment and 24/7 monitoring of routes already known and traveled by us, thus differentiating itself from a conventional rental since the travelers will feel well advised and accompanied virtually in their overlanding adventure.

2. Guided land expeditions to places with camping equipment to enjoy the surroundings. These are self-driving trips with a lead van guiding and an organized itinerary.

Tourism & Rentals for Overlanding: RVs Campervans / trucks - SUVs - Camping Items

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