Pacaya Samiria Amazon Lodge

Pacaya Samiria Amazon Lodge is an ecolodge located 2:15 hours from Iquitos

In the buffer zone of the Pacaya Samiria National Reserve, the second place with the greatest biodiversity in the world.

It has been operating in the ecotourism services and research tourism market for more than 18 years and is a reference organization in terms of sustainability. Its programs are all-inclusive (accommodation, complete meals, transportation) and include sustainable activities such as ecotrekking, sailing, artisanal piranha fishing, visits to surrounding communities, guaranteed dolphin sightings, amateur and professional birdwatching.

Its facilities have nine cabins, a restaurant, clubhouse, bar and a Private Reserve of 130 hectares of primary forest (unaltered) that houses a biological corridor with more than 600 species of flora and fauna.

The ECOPACAYA4.0 project has recently concluded, which includes five ECOTRAILS (intelligent circuits supported by augmented reality) unique in Latin America and the Biodiversity Portal and YATIRI user community that includes a database of more than 600 species of flora and fauna. of the Pacaya Samiria National Reserve.


UNIQUE with a Private Reserve of 130 hectares of unaltered forest and biological corridor with 400 species of flora and fauna, which allows our guests to enjoy, throughout their stay, a representative microcosm of the northeastern Amazon where daytime activities can be carried out. and nighttime in a controlled and safe manner.
ONLY that includes “effective” tickets to the Pacaya Samiria National Reserve (seriousness of the commitment).
UNICO that makes it possible for its guests to leave their mark on the Amazon, encouraging their participation in sustainable activities.
UNICO with ecological circuits (Ecotrails) through which expert knowledge about the nature and biodiversity of the area is transmitted to our guests, using augmented reality and facilitating sharing the experience in real time with their social networks.
UNIQUE with an interactive tour (Rescue of Princess Amana) that takes place within our facilities and is specially designed for our underage guests (children and teenagers).


UNICO with proven experience in the conservation of species such as the taricaya, which is reflected in activities such as the Release of Taricayas that we carry out with local management groups in our own Private Reserve and we share with our guests.
ONLY that carries out an objective task of environmental conservation within the framework of a declaration of environmental management (DEMA) of the Private Reserve.
UNICO that includes in its activities the preservation of Kukama culture and values (for example the creation of Pua Kamatawara – Artisanal Women Center of the San Jorge Community),
UNICO that includes the presentation of historical-cultural aspects of the area (visit to San Joaquín de Omaguas and Samuel Fritz Interpretation Center) at the source of the Amazon River.
UNICO that promotes the training and insertion into the labor market of members of surrounding communities (100% of the operational staff comes from the San Jorge community), all within a “fair trade” framework.


UNICO that has defined four Amazonian seasons and that has programs that include specific activities for each season, whose completion we guarantee.
UNICO that guarantees the sighting of pink and gray dolphins in all its programs and throughout the year.
ONLY ecolodge in the Pacaya Samiria area that has comprehensive insurance for all its guests and registers “0” claims to date.

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