Aware of the high demand that exists in the development of the hiking activity

  • We continue to seek specialization by continuously improving the capabilities of our team, by carrying out trainings. In addition to the study of our travelers by adapting to your requirements in the constant evolution of technology. This study has allowed us to have a high level of quality and safety for the development of our activities.


  • SECURITY: Our integrated management system allows us to provide security to our customers before, during and after their arrival and development of the hiking activity through controls, modern mountain equipment and internal communication systems, as well as satellite that ensure minimize risks or eliminate them; allowing the customer to enjoy a serene adventure in contact with the environment.
  • SPECIALIZED GUIDES:  bilingual and trilingual who over time have received various training and have years of experience in the treks offered.On this occasion we want to present 2 experiences; which are adapted to the current market demand for those hikers traveling as a couple, family or small groups of friends. The itineraries are made according to the adventure tourism regulations, indicating the levels of difficulty, acclimatization requirements, altitudes, distances, terrain information and prohibitions. Experience serene adventure in comfort and safety in small groups with expert guides in the region.
  • It is the moderate or familiar version of the mythical Inca Trail, it is made for those who start hiking activities and seek a level not very demanded. Where you will enjoy a natural and magical environment. And landing in the wonder of the world Machupicchu by the imposing door of the sun.


    • ACCESSIBLE TO ALL: Definitely a hiking trail for all levels: families, friends, couples, where without stress will enjoy a natural and magical environment. Performing a serene adventure. And landing in the wonder of the world Machupicchu in a privileged space.
    • PRIVILEGED LANDSCAPES: The Inca roads offer a combination of natural and historical spaces; where only those who make this walk will have access to these magical spaces with breathtaking views; the only walk recognized by UNESCO in South America
    • IMPOSIBLE TO LOSE: In a natural space and after a physical effort, we look for the reward. For this reason, this hike will allow the great dream photo of Machupicchu; without option to miss it. And enjoy a guided tour of Machupicchu, your second day, in incredible and privileged spaces.
    • It is a hike that allows you to combine two unique destinations in the region of Cusco, maximizing time and living an experience away from the crowd. This hike in a natural environment combines the fortress of Waqrapukara and the colorful mountain of Palcoyo.



  • MAXIMIZING TIME: To shorten travel time, there’s nothing better than combining two must-see destinations in Cusco with a night at a mid-range camp. A unique and authentic tour to discover the new attractions of Cusco.
  • ACCESSIBLE TO ALL: A hike for all levels: families, friends or couples will enjoy a natural environment, away from the crowd of tourists. A must for lovers of mountain adventure.
  • EXTRAORDINARY LANDSCAPES: A mixture of an archaeological destination similar to the altars of Machu Picchu and a natural destination that offers an impressive landscape of colorful formations and a breathtaking view of the Andes. Away from the tourist crowd.

In addition to these great products; we invite you to venture with the different tours we have for you:

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