We are a leading ground operator with a sales office in Lima and operation offices in Cusco

  • We offer our partners a reliable quality service, demonstrating our commitment to social and environmental responsibility.
  • We love to do the cultural tours for Fits and and Groups
  • Besides the regular, we specialise in trekking with amazing equipment, food and guides
  • Inca Trails in all variations, for FIT’s and groups
  • Alternative trails like Salkantay, Lares, you name it – and great day hikes in the sacred Valley
  •  Our new found love for Glamping in community inclusive projects
  • Specialty tours include bird watching tours, photo safaris and educational tours.


Excellent knowledge of Peru, its tourism operation and its attractions.

  • Close communication with scientists and experts for talks, guide training and materials.
  • Sales team speaks English, Portuguese and Spanish
  • Custom made programs with realistic time management updated suggestions for each of the programs.
  • Unique Q’inti details with a social responsibility component (arpilleras)
  • We actively participate in the following projects in our quest to have a positive impact on society and the environment:
    •Arpillera support for women in the rainforest
    •Science and Conservation: Two scholarships for students of Conservation
    •Porters: Fair Labor and community support


Birdwatching - Glamping - Inca Trail - Trekking

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