Tanit Trails

Tanit Trails specializes in designing and organizing luxury interest-based experiences showing only what is truly authentic

The majority of our journeys are active, with plenty of day-hikes and cultural interaction. Our guests are mostly families and small groups of friends. Among the interests that are usually found in most of our journeys, we could highlight:

– Our world famous cuisine, a paradise for foodies
– Spending time in the outdoors
– Wellness through yoga, mindfulness, ancient spiritual traditions, trail running, and others.
– Peruvian arts and crafts

Design, organization and operation of luxury interest-based experiences, being some of the most popular:

  •  Peruvian World Famous Cuisine: Exploration of Peruvian culture, history, people and nature through food. Meet local producers, taste the most different flavors of the Coast, the Amazon and the Andes through each regional expression, dive in Peru’s mega diversity, dine at Top restaurants but also explore street food and traditional cooking at remote communities, interact with top local chefs.
  •  Wellness and spirituality: We recognize that wellness travel is becoming an important niche for people that are looking at travel as a tool for transformation. Each wellness trip is different; we count with a team of experts that will combine elements such as yoga, meditation and connection through mindfulness, with  ancient Peruvian traditions and spirituality.
  • Peruvian Arts and Crafts: With an astonishing richness in the field of traditional and modern arts and crafts, we go deep in this world by the hand of local experts, exploring things like weaving, pottery, jewelry and plastic arts.
  • Outdoors & Adventure: With such an incredible variety of landscapes and ecosystems, going from the Pacific Ocean to the Andes Mountains and the Amazon, all of our journeys allow guests to connect with nature through different outdoor activities. Even when hiking is by far the one activity that our guests enjoy the most, we operate plenty of horse-back riding, mountain biking, trekking, fishing and others.
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