Tucano Peru Travel Boutique

A well-designed tour will be tailored exactly to a traveler’s needs and tastes

Here at Tucano Peru, we specialize in designing customized activities that have as their focus some, or all, of our Luxury, Adventure, Nature, Culinary, and Wellness experiences, according to our clients’ wishes. Our three boutique brands are Peru Luxury, Peru Wellness, and Peru Mice.


We are pioneers in the field of Wellness

Which focuses on giving back to your body and spirit the vital energy we need to feel in balance. Connect to the correct tune that heals and elevates your energy.

Due to their spiritual and energetic legacy, the Andes Mountains work wonderfully for our emotional states; the Amazon Jungle, for its healing potential through pollution-free plants and oxygen; and the desert coast of Peru to find your inner happiness.
Unique locations are dedicated to providing multiple solutions inspired by nature and local traditions.

–  Therapeutic Retreats
–  Conscious and Sustainable travel
–  Wellness hotels to connect with nature
–  Yoga instructors
–  Healing with food
–  Detox of your body
–  Healing with sounds
–  Ancestral Medicine
–  Plant Medicine
–  Spa sessions with organic botanicals
–  Aromatherapy
–  Thermalism

Luxury Travel - Wellness - Yoga

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